x3 Cepas de la Culebra Vintage 2015 red


3 bottles of our awesome red wine Cepas de la Culebra Vintage 2015.


Cepas de la Culebra Vintage 2015 is an artisan red wine that comes from our old family vineyard, aged in american oak.

2015 vintage: 2015 was a strange year. Winter months were unexpectedly warm, with temperatures higher than normal. However, springtime was colder than usual, with temperatures starting to rise in the second week of May. It wasn’t until then when we started to see sprouts in the vineyard. Summer time was extremely hot this year, especially at night (Temperature normally falls sharply during summer nights but in 2015 it didn’t happen). The year was also very dry, with almost no rain while the grape was growing. It rained a little bit in September, 3 weeks before harvesting, just enough for the grape to get some size (Grapes were unusually small until then). All this factors together created lower yields in our vineyard, but grapes were of great quality, small with a huge concentration of flavours.

Winemaking: Mencia 90%, Tempranillo 5% and Palomino 5%. Manual harvest on the 3rd October  2015. Grapes were destemmed and crushed right after harvest. Alcoholic fermentation lasted 4 weeks, with no industrial yeasts or temperature control. It was aged during 10 months in 225 l barrels of used American oak. Bottled in October 2016.

Tasting notes: Medium bodied red wine, fresh, easy to drink, soft and elegant in the nose, an explosion of red fruits in mouth and a hint of vanilla in the end. Rich, balanced and serene; capable of elevating your mood to the place where it grew. It has its own personality.

Food pairing: Rice, seafood, oriental food, red meats, barbeques, cheese, pasta… Cepas de la Culebra pairs well with medium bodied plates, but please, be brave and try it with unexpected dishes, you’ll be surprised!

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